50 years – there were fifty empty rooms.
Always starting all over again  | no idea what’s going to happen| global economy  | the chance to do something completely new and exciting  | opportunities to get better|

birthdays, christmas parties, victories and defeats with wonderful colleagues  | exciting times before big openings  | Years with loyal and new, dynamic clients.

Passion for making visions possible at KORDA

Dog years


There is an old rule of thumb, it says, one human year is like seven dog years. So it is also a little bit with family-owned entrepreneurs. You perceive everything much more intensively. The highs, the lows, everything comes a lot closer. You don’t just go somewhere else when things aren’t going well. You don’t just move when a place doesn’t suit you.

Here is your home, your family. And some coworkers might even have pushed you in buggy through these halls.