What we do,
we do well.

Really well.

Where we come from, we are true to our word – and this applies to every employee within our company. A deadline is a deadline and not just a declaration of intent, quality is quality and not a variable size and passionate commitment is a matter of course for us. We are therefore qualified for all shop fitting tasks and projects. All relevant processes are dynamic – also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 – and continuously adapted to the needs of our customers and requirements of the market. We therefore offer a full service for every task and operate in a manner as sustainable as possible.

Our range of services: a complete package from a single source.

We keep track of everything.

We assume full responsibility from the initial idea until the turnkey project is handed over to you. This is the only way that we can ensure that your requirements are fulfilled: permanently – and this is why you can find all the services relevant for you under one roof:

  • Planning, design and concept developments
  • Technical development, production of prototypes and samples
  • Professional project management and supervision of construction projects
  • Production of individual and serial concepts
  • International logistics with customs clearance and packaging for air and sea freight
  • International installations
  • After-sales service
  • Expansion management
  • Event management

We know what we can do – and also which experts we can integrate into our team. We can therefore offer tailor-made solutions to every customer: on schedule and at a realistic cost benefit relationship.

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